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Brad Payne

Australian Airbrush Artist & Painter




Brad Payne ist ein anerkannten Airbrush artist und Maler aus Australien. Geboren ist er in Melbourne, Victoria, zog aber wenig später mit seiner Familie an die "Goldcoast". Seit vielen Jahren reist Brad für Aufträge um die ganze Welt und hinterlässt seine Spuren mit seiner Kunst. "I have found myself having to re-write these self explanations over and over as I learn more about myself year after year. Questions like "how do I want to portray myself in words and to whom am I portraying myself to?" I'll admit I'm being a little obscure but I think there's two different types of people that will be reading this, the first: the everyday person interested in art of some kind like myself, and the second: the person established some way in the art world, i.e., gallery curator, art faculty staff or a fellow artist. I am both of these people, a everyday person who creates art."


"I am no more special than you or more important than you no matter who you are or where you're from. I don't believe in the value of class. There are no real differences, only superficial ones created to keep us from knowing our true selves and connecting with each other. I am going through a state of spiritual change as many people are in this time frame of living. Beginning the realization of the true connected nature of things is exciting but the reality of the world we live in and the potential kept from us has left us spiritually enslaved. We have to begin the fight for our minds and that begins with dropping our egos.

A few years, even a few months ago the possibility of me writing this wouldn't have been remotely possible. I would have read this as some pretentious bullshit similar to ramblings of a space-cadet hippy, and If you're reading this and thinking that, then that's OK. I feel like I'm only starting my journey in art even though I've been drawing for most of my life.

So I have made it my mission to use what I have, my mind (conscious), body (hands), spirit (subconscious) and my art to try and communicate with people and guide them into questioning everything they think they know and for us to realize our true capabilities".

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