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Ilka Theurich

Studio : Ilka Theurich


Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3
30451 Hannover

Telefon: 0151 - 24242531



Theurich has exhibited and performed in a variety of countries and contexts. She works as a researcher, curator, and teacher of a broad range of projects, including large-scale events, intimate performances, publications, and workshops. Currently, she investigates methods for horizontal democracy and is searching for interesting places to teach, to curate and to exchange performative strategies.

Weitere Schwerpunkte

Aktionskunst, Konzeptkunst, Installation



2009-11 (15) Master of Arts in Live Art and Performance Studies at the Theatre Academy Helsinki FINLAND

2005 appointment as Meisterschülerin von Prof. Ulrich Eller

2004 Master of Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover GERMANY 

2003 visiting student for soundXchange at The Berlin University of the Arts & TU Berlin GERMANY

2001-02 visiting student for KUZO-Formative Space Laboratory at the Hiroshima City University JAPAN

2000-01 visiting student for music and electronics at the University of Music and Drama Hannover GERMANY


2016 Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (EAC), Montevideo URUGUAY

2011 Space MASS, Seoul KOREA

2004 Faculty of Inter-Media Art bei Prof. Kiyoshi Furukawa Tôkyô National University of Fine Arts and Music JAPAN


Kivinen, Sari T.M . "The presentation has been Shelved, Archived, Forgotten, Dusted, Found and Renamed!" in "Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts - Volume 17 - Special Issue 3 on Technology and Memory". Routledge: London, 2012

Georgiou, Christina. “The Moment of Encounter – A Critical Review on the performance practice of Ilka Theurich” in “Converging Perspectives – Writings on Performance Art”. ed. by Annette Arlander. Theatre Academy: Helsinki, 2011
Voss, Oliver. “ZOOM IN – SOCIAL VIBRATIONS” in “Curiosities, Souvenirs and Loot”. Exhibition catalog - published by the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts: Hannover, 2004
Baalmann, Marije.“Restored to Life (2003) – Ilka Theurich" in "On wave field synthesis and electro acoustic music, with a particular focus on the reproduction of arbitrarily shaped sound sources" Ph.D.-Thesis - published at the TU: Berlin, 2003
Baalmann, Marije. “Application of Wave Field Synthesis in electronic music and sound art” online

Ausstellungen / Aufführungen / CD-Einspielungen


in hunger for your warmth during ACTUS V at Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux (MAAC) Brussels BELGIUM
urban blue #2 - self-portrait with a pink dog a 24 hours performance during sharing 576 organized by PAErsche & Janine Koppelmann at Gallery Koppelmann – Kunstwerk Nippes, Cologne GERMANY
amplify your thoughts #2 - open eyes 2017 during the exhibition konsens - kein konsens City Gallery KUBUS, Hannover GERMANY
unfolding during EIN STELLUNG AUS organized by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Braunschweig GERMANY

PUPPA EXTENDED 6 days á 12 hours at Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo in Montevideo URUGUAY
über der Spur schwimmen 12 hours performance during Kunst im Polizeirevier in Hannover GERMANY

image:archive during Perf15 at Porin lyhytaaltoasema in Pori FINLAND
body:archive during Là-bas→T.E.H.D.A.S. at Studio Là-bas, Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki FINLAND

PUPPA Galeria Lunar, Hannover GERMANY
RAUSCH live drawing as a performative sound installation, atelier:bettfedernfabrik, Hannover GERMANY
Just by simple doing, I got a brother 24h in public spaces, PRIORITY ROUTE - 2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival, Nicosia CYPRUS
your body cannot gladden me during Performance Art Festival Excentricités V at ISBA in Besançon FRANCE

HEAL 365 performative actions (10.03.2013 – 10.03.2014) for photo and video camera in Hannover GERMANY

AIR  during art-f-air, Hannover GERMANY
Mein Land braucht Künstler during Parallelwelten Afrika Europa, Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover GERMANY
auf die andere Seite legen a 10 month phenomenological exercise in Hannover, Bad Pyrmont & Bad Oeynhausen GERMANY

The City of Dream and Future a three month performance art research project in Seoul KOREA
no one to guide us during WOMEN CREATE laughing tree lab, Seoul KOREA
fire jump during Genesis II in the city of Takamori JAPAN
black box during LAPSody - the 3rd International Conference & Festival for Live Art and Performance Studies TEAK, Helsinki FINLAND
Kallio my Kallio a two month performance art research project in the district of Kallio, Helsinki FINLAND

I can only shape silence if I put my care and concentration into every detail TEAK Helsinki FINLAND
Streck dich himmelwärts zum Boden TEAK Helsinki FINLAND
The mystery of the snowflake is unraveled public square in Kallio, Helsinki FINLAND
Gehst Du dann mit in den See? during 3.Performance Festival Blauverschiebung at the NaTo, Leipzig GERMANY
Zoom, not gloom! TEAK Helsinki FINLAND
Speed Dating-or Différance & Dialogues during Art Tuilage#10 CRANE Château de Chevigny FRANCE
I'm pleased to meet you in the mountain a two weeks durational performance series in the city centre of Pori FINLAND
invisible action city centre of Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

tableaux vivants der erfahrung Night of Live Art#3, TEAK Helsinki FINLAND
battleground Night of Live Art#2, TEAK Helsinki FINLAND
kiss of life Night of Live Art#1, TEAK Helsinki FINLAND
shinz? no d?ki MMAC- Performance Festival Sendai JAPAN
the last flight AAC - Performance Festival Aizu-Mishima JAPAN
things can happen AAC- Performance Festival Aizu-Mishima JAPAN
Wenigstens das. Ein Ort. during mind the park at the KUBUS, Hannover GERMANY

silence is sexy during YAMA - 3.Contemporary Art Biennale Fukushima JAPAN
Abtanzball atelier:bettfedernfabrik, Hannover GERMANY
Bewegungsmuster Maschinenhaus Essen GERMANY
Des PersonenzusammensammlersZAUMzeug during 1.Performance Festival Blauverschiebung at the NaTo, Leipzig GERMANY
Die Hintergrundlandschaft vom Kopf II Galerie L'art pour Lahr GERMANY

Wir hatten keine Ahnung, dass eine Frau so gefährlich sein kann Kunsthalle Hannover GERMANY
überrocken, überrollen, überröten Kunsthalle Hannover GERMANY
Was kostet schon eine Zwiebel atelier:bettfedernfabrik, Hannover GERMANY
Too drunk to fuck city of Luzern SWITZERLAND
wantalunga during art of encounter #2 at the Maschpark, Hannover GERMANY
Das Leben ist keine Täuschung, das Leben ist wie eine Täuschung Park der Sinne, Laatzen GERMANY

vooruit LOT-Theater, Braunschweig GERMANY
Die Tasse absetzten und den Blick heben atelier:bettfedernfabrik, Hannover GERMANY
Die Hintergrundlandschaft vom Kopf town gallery Petershagen GERMANY
see me with your ears Kaskadenkondensator, Basel SWITZERLAND
Liebesleid art IG, Hannover GERMANY

in einer Weile... citybeach at the Leine, Hannover GERMANY
ehrliche Haut Kurt-Schwitters-Forum, Hannover GERMANY

There is always a return to quiet at the conclusion Kunstverein Hannover GERMANY

1 hour of changing during 1.Internationale Performance Days at the KUBUS, Hannover GERMANY
Annäherung an den malerische Akt Expo Hannover GERMANY
solo.body.sound.performance II Stellwerk - Kulturbahnhof Kassel GERMANY
solo.body.sound.performance during commonground #3 at the Nds. Landesvertretung, Berlin GERMANY
one to one, always, forever, now art IG, Hannover GERMANY

to be gentle II Kurt Schwitters Forum, Hannover GERMANY

open source performance during ACTUS V, at Square Breughel l'Ancien, Brussels BELGIUM  
Equinox | Day of Public Actions for Freedom and Democracy during boondocks III together with bbeyond and Christiane Oppermann, Küchengarten, Hannover GERMANY
boondocks III three long durational performances together with bbeyond and Christiane Oppermann, Ihme-Zentrum, Hannover GERMANY
open source performance during PAERSCHE LAB17 organized by PAErsche at Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim e.V. in Cologne GERMANY
BEING IN PUBLIC Encounters | Outer Place / Inner Space organized by bbeyond at Custom House Square in Belfast NORTHERN IRELAND
atelier:performance #3 together with Christiane Oppermann at studio.ilka.theurich

in situ together with Christiane Opperman at the Universidad de la Republica - Instituto Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (ENBA), Montevideo URUGUAY
Blind Map together with Christiane Opperman during URBAN TOUCH Kunsthalle Hannover GERMANY
Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox together with Christiane Oppermann during Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox organized by Bbeyond Belfast WORLDWIDE 
Aktionslabor // Intervention... together with Bbeyond Belfast & PAERsche during explorativ #4 in Mainz, Cochem and Koblenz GERMANY 

eile, eile und doch verweile... group performance together with PAErsche, City Gallery KUBUS, Hannover GERMANY
atelier:performance #1 performance together with Tim Tiedemann, Hannover GERMANY

imaginary playground #9 group performance during LAPSody - the 3rd International Conference & Festival for Live Art and Performance Studies at TEAK, Helsinki FINLAND
imaginary playground #8 group performance at the National Theatre, Helsinki FINLAND
imaginary playground #7 group performance during LÀ-BAS, Ylioppilasteatteri, Helsinki FINLAND

imaginary playground #5 group performance, MUU Gallery Helsinki FINLAND
imaginary playground #4 group performance, TEAK Helsinki FINLAND
imaginary playground #3 group performance, MUU Gallery Helsinki FINLAND

imaginary playground #2 group performance, Galleria 3H+K Pori FINLAND
Detached Retina X from Yar Habernagel (USA) KIASMA Helsinki FINLAND
imaginary playground #1 group performance with artists from 7 different countries, Todellisuuden Tutkimuskeskus Helsinki FINLAND

my tone, your tone, her tone, his tone concert for 24 Fluxus-silent films with Ben Patterson and Ensemble Stattwerke at the Kino im Sprengel, Hannover GERMANY
Rondo improvisational opera from Michael Heisch with Ensemble Megaphon at the Cumberlandsche Gallerie inside the playhouse Hannover GERMANY

Herbstzeitlose with Ensemble Megaphon at the Forum Landesmuseum Hannover GERMANY
Dummheit ist gefährlich sequences for small ensemble and elektronics with Ensemble Megaphon at the district court Hannover GERMANY

The City of Dream and Future Space MASS Seoul KOREA
Kallio my Kallio TEAK Helsinki FINLAND

tiefschlaf curated by M. Brockhaus & A. Steckling, town hall Linden, Hannover GERMANY
konsens - kein konsens City Gallery KUBUS, Hannover GERMANY  

Juego de Muñecas at Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo in Montevideo URUGUAY 
URBAN TOUCH Kunsthalle Hannover GERMANY
Kunst im Polizeirevier old police station, Hannover GERMANY

Puppenspiel Galeria Lunar, Hannover GERMANY 

The Times Square Billboard Premier Event New York City USA

Genesis II in the city of Takamori JAPAN

co-operation TEAK Helsinki FINLAND
Art Tuilage#10 CRANE Château de Chevigny FRANCE
Live Art Generator Generator Galleria Pori FINLAND

2009 Woman Power Hanjoen Plaza Gallery Seoul KOREA
Wiedersehn project for the Gartenregion Hannover GERMANY
LaubenParcours project for the Gartenregion Hannover GERMANY

Last Minute Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover GERMANY
YAMA - 3.Contemporary Art Biennale Fukushima JAPAN
schön-schön fair ground & Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover GERMANY
Flurstücke Buchdruckwerkstätten, Hannover GERMANY

Ü-10 Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover GERMANY
Bon Voyage II KUBUS & Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover GERMANY

Bon Voyage I Grandes galeries de l'Aitre Saint-Maclou, Rouen FRANCE
Instrumentarien und Räume – please do not hesitate to ask Kaskadenkondensator, Basel SWITZERLAND

Die Vorletzten Meisterschülerausstellung Foro Artistico Hannover GERMANY
Schwung - Bewegung, Drall, Stoss, Impuls... Ev. Kirchentag, Hannover GERMANY

Plattform #1 Kunstverein Hannover GERMANY

Encyclomania - Curiosities Souveniers and Loot with Mark Dion, Kunstverein Hannover GERMANY
Club Transmediale 03 Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin GERMANY

TheGermans Hiroshima City University JAPAN


Korea Electric Power Cooperation conducted by the Korean Government (KEPCO) KOREA
City-Art-Collection from Hannover GERMANY


Theurich, Ilka. "Poetic Encounter: A Hermeneutic Journey into the Microprocesses of Performance Art" (Helsinki, Theatre Academy, 2015) download at HELDA 

Theurich, Ilka. "Alastair MacLennan - To be aware of the moment: or the quality of engagement" in "Episodi 3 Converging Perspectives -Writings on Performance Art". ed. by Annette Arlander (Helsinki, Theatre Academy, 2011)

Theurich, Ilka. "I would like to see a group photo of you: questioning The Role System of Sari TM Kivinen aka STMK" in "Episodi 3 Converging Perspectives -Writings on Performance Art". ed. by Annette Arlander (Helsinki, Theatre Academy, 2011)

Theurich, Ilka. “TRANSFORMATION from body technique to body knowledge? - an essay about the influence of traditional Indian dance training on the contemporary performance artist Béatrice Didier” online

Theurich, Ilka. "Squat the worls - Tralala L.A! or Julia, Jenny and Sylvie are dreaming the miracle of summer" online

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